5 Smooth Shaving Tips Every Woman Should Know – Part 1

1. Exfoliate first to raise the hairs and prepare for a better shave

Exfoliating before shaving is one very important preparation step that can help remove dead skin cells so they won’t gunk up your razor and hinder a close shave. You can even use portable sonic face cleansing brushes to exfoliate your legs and get a good scrub before taking a razor to your gams.

2. Buy a fresh razor after three uses

If you choose to go the disposable razor route, remember to “dispose” of them as often as you can, trying to use each one for only three shaves.

3. Shave downward, then upwards

We’ve heard it over and over again: Shave with the grain. But honestly, who really does that? Most of us enter the tub or shower and shave our legs in an upward direction. That’s fine for those who don’t have sensitive skin. For those that do, experts recommend shaving downward first and then upward — if the upward direction close shave doesn’t cause problems.

4. Challenge the experts: try a dry shave to see how your skin reacts

You’ll also hear the mantra often: Never shave dry skin! We have seen women shaving their underarms when they were completely dry, and their pits looked cleaner than others. The lesson is that various methods might benefit different people, so don’t be afraid to try things that pundits claim don’t work.

5. Avoid sores and wounds

Ensure you shave around any existing scars that haven’t yet recovered in order to avoid further injury.

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