Beauty Secrets From The Most Gorgeous Place On Earth

The thickest hair, smoothest skin and hips that don’t lie: these are the beauty secrets Tahitian women have relied on for centuries.

If you’ve ever downloaded one of those blue-water, white-sand screensavers as a way to mentally transport yourself to a calmer, happier and more beautiful place, chances are you were probably looking at Tahiti. Full of welcoming people, isolated beaches and the bluest water you’ve ever seen, Tahiti is one place that is just as as the brochures.

And that doesn’t exclude the people, either. Tahitian women are known for their luscious, thick hair; gleaming skin and Beyonce-like bodies. And, because they’re on an island, they’ve discovered that some of the best beauty products are right in their backyard. Here, the best-kept beauty secrets of Tahitians that you’ll want to steal right now.

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