20 Beauty Gifts Your Mom Would Love Getting For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is upon us so it’s time to think about what to give her. After all, our moms are our dearest friends in the world, someone we love and admire, and the one person we can count on through thick and thin. But not all moms are alike. Some would love just about anything we gave them, while others have very definite tastes, which makes shopping for them a little more challenging.

We selected 20 different gift items to please every type of mom, from the pastry chef to the pampered beauty, and every single mom in between. Our goal is to help you find something she’ll absolutely love, which will make her love you all the more, if that’s even possible!

1. DYI Makeup Artist

The gift: Nine Piece Makeup Brush Set by Artis Fluenta ($400)


She’ll love this if: You’ve seen her struggling with the same scratchy makeup brushes forever.

The makeup brushes in this set are made of premium CosmoFibers. These are bristles specially made for applying cosmetics. As the brush sweeps across the skin it feels like velvet, not at all scratchy like her old brushes probably do. They are multifaceted as well, performing double-duty. She can use the same brush for concealer, lip color and eye shadow, so she can run out of the house with just a few in her purse.

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