The 6 Common Attributes Found In Young Millionaires

Being a millionaire is very uncommon in our nation. Many people work their whole lives and never get to the status. Naturally, they’ll justify that any way they can, mentioning things like “I don’t care about money,” “Millionaires aren’t happy,” “I don’t need that much money.” We are┬ásure you can think of 50 others justifications. You don’t make a million by accident, and if it’s not a goal you sure as hell won’t hit it.

This article isn’t about the money, it’s about interrupting the belief system you currently have and propelling you toward real wealth. Here is what we’ve learnt over the past 10 years and the common themes you’ll see in all young millionaires.

1. Urgency.

The very best companies on earth love young talent, they love those who are on purpose, and those with a sense of urgency to their life. Google is hiring more teenagers than college graduates, and even a 12-year-old who is just beginning high school.

Realize, now matters much more than any other time, and the “someday isle” mentality is wiping out so many dreams. Opportunities are only opportunities if you’re taking full advantage of them. Young millionaires always do, and they are constantly reaching for new goals and ambitions. If you’re serious about success, you must have a sense of urgency that most of nation doesn’t have.

2. Elevated influence.

Behind every young millionaire you’ll find an educated and wise mentor. we have yet to meet any billionaires or millionaires who don’t have mentors that help them, challenge them, and focus them on thinking bigger. They recognize deep down that it’s impossible to grow, learn, and become the person needed to reach the million mark without an exceptional network behind you. Success rises and falls on who you associate with so be sure you stay aware of your surroundings. You can systematize a lot of things, but you can’t systematize time so ensure you’re always spending it with the right people.

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